Friday, September 3, 2010

Listen to Me! By Julie Carr -- Pg 6

I went to Danger and said, "I give up. Nobody will believe a second grader."

"Remember the saying that goes something like this- if someone is hurting someone, and you don't think it is right, then you must keep telling someone- anyone until that someone says 'I believe' and does something about it."

"Oh Danger, thank you so much. But who do I tell?"

"How about your mommy and daddy?"

"Oh, no, I can't do that. I was supposed to be in bed and they will be mad at me."

"Little One, think about this. If you tell any other adult and they believe you, your parents will soon find out."

"You're right. I'll tell them tonight."

Stay tune and you will find out what Little One decided.

Have the children predict what Little One does next.

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If the next blog is posted by the time you find this, then before going on in the story STOP -- and have the child predict what will happen next.


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