Friday, September 3, 2010

Listen to Me! By Julie Carr -- Pg 7

So I went home and said, "Listen to me."

They asked, "Little One, what's wrong?"

I told them everything that had happened. Deep down I knew this time was different. But I was still scared for I didn't want them to say I was lying or to get into trouble.
Their first words was, "Oh, Little One, why didn't you tell us last night. It's not your fault you could not sleep. We have to go tell the police. They have been asking for anyone to come forward with information."


Stay tune and you will find out what Little One decided.
Have the children predict what Little One does next.
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If the next blog is posted by the time you find this, then before going on in the story STOP -- and have the child predict what will happen next.

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